Thick Cashew Cream for Desserts

Thick Cashew Cream Sauce for Desserts.

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and with it, the need for something to go with pumpkin and apple pies, Christmas puddings and mince pies. This cashew sauce is a great vegan replacement for pouring cream regardless of whether you’re avoiding dairy or not. Make it the day before and leave in the fridge for easy entertaining.

Note: the use of boiling water allows you to blend a thicker mixture (which will thicken even further if chilled).

1 cup raw cashews
2 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp maple syrup
pinch of salt
1/4 – 1/2 tsp lemon juice

1/2 cup boiling water

Put all the ingredients except for the water into a blender. Add the boiling water, and blend until completely smooth.

Check for flavor; adjust the sugar level, and add the rest of the lemon juice if you prefer a slightly tarter cream.

At this point, you can either chill it or use as is.

Serve with apple pie, Christmas pudding, apple crumble, pumpkin pie, etc.


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