Broccoli and Orange Salad

Orange season is just starting here. The oranges are still quite tart, but that just makes them quite exciting to eat, and great for making marmalade. I was ambling through my list of developing recipes on my computer, looking for recipes with oranges in them for lunch, when I came across this salad. Last year when I’d made it, I’d used mayonnaise made the traditional way (i.e. it was an emulsion), and the dressing never lasted very long before turning from a thick, rich, topping, to a thin liquid in the bottom of the salad bowl. I was pretty sure that the inclusions were breaking down the mayonnaise’s emulsion, so today I tried the dressing with tofu mayonnaise (with no emulsion to destroy). I shall endeavor to rid myself of the smug feeling as soon as possible, and get the recipe for the tofu mayonnaise on the blog.

Broccoli and Orange Salad

4 oranges
12 oz very small broccoli florets (no more than ~1” in any direction)
1/2 cup tofu mayonnaise
2 tsps sugar or to taste (this depends on how sweet your oranges are)

Lightly steam the broccoli florets in salted water such that they still retain some of their crunch (1 – 2 minutes). Leave to drain thoroughly in a colander. If you don’t, the dressing will go thin.

Juice two of the oranges and boil the juice until reduced to 1/4 of original volume and syrupy.

Stir the reduced orange juice into the mayonnaise, and check flavor. Add sugar if needed.

Peel the remaining oranges and cut the flesh into 3/4” chunks.

Mix the broccoli and orange chunks together, and drizzle the orange mayonnaise over the top.


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