TrifleThis dish is well suited for using up left over gluten free cake that has started to go a bit stale. Don’t assume that means it is not suitable for company! It just allows the cake to absorb the fruit and wine flavors better. I serve individual servings in wine glasses, so the pretty layers are visible while the dish is still pristine, but for family fare, you can use a single larger bowl, and dish up at the table.

I’ve given a range of marsala/sherry to add to the fruit; use the greater amount if your cake is particularly dry. The liquid from the fruit/sherry is absorbed by the cake. I’ve also used left over steamed pudding for the cake layer, and that was also successful.

The custard layer I use is made with soy milk (not soy milk and water), as this is a particularly rich dairy free milk, which goes well with the sharp fruit layer.

Serves 6 – 10

8 oz frozen wild blueberries
12 oz – 16oz chunky (not smooth) apple sauce
1/4 cup marmalade
2-4 tbsp sweet marsala wine or sherry
2 pints very thick vanilla custard (home made or Birds) – still hot to help it make smooth layers
GF Vanilla Almond Cake (1/2 recipe, if available)

Mix the blueberries, apple sauce, marmalade, and marsala/sherry together in a mixing bowl. Check for sweetness levels, and adjust if necessary.

If the cake is at all dry, make sure the fruit layer is juicy so the cake will be well softened.

Break the cake into chunks, and make a layer about an inch thick in the bottom of your serving bowl(s).

Put a similarly thick layer of fruit on top of the cake.

Carefully pour a final layer of hot custard to a similar depth, over the fruit.

Put the serving container(s) in the refrigerator to chill for at least half an hour before serving.

2 thoughts on “Trifle

  1. Geraldine says:

    I love trifle, the ultimate dessert for Christmas I think! 😉

    • Yes, and I did do it for Christmas, as we had American guests, and I didn’t know if they’d appreciate Christmas pudding. I also don’t miss the gelatin jelly layer that was present in trifle when I was a kid. Happy New Year to you!

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